Saturday, October 25, 2014
Coverage from the Sydney TPP Ministerial

Japan Tables Improved Tariff Offers, Cites Progress In Talks With U.S.

SYDNEY -- Japan has tabled new tariff offers to a number of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries other than the United States that provide improved access for sensitive agriculture products, and has also reported to other TPP countries that it made progress in market access talks with the U.S., according to informed sources.

Vietnam Seeks Delay On Enforceability Of TPP E-Commerce Commitments

SYDNEY -- Vietnam has indicated it is willing to accept rules in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) e-commerce chapter that would, among other things, bar governments from restricting the free flow of data over the Internet. But is also seeking an exception that would temporarily shield Hanoi from a dispute settlement case alleging a breach of some or all of these obligations, according to informed sources.

Froman: Ministers Aim To Make Decisions, Narrow Differences, Prepare For Leaders

SYDNEY -- U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman on Saturday (Oct. 25) said the three-day Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ministerial meeting he is chairing here will give ministers chance to resolve some outstanding issues, narrow differences on others, and prepare some issues for leaders to address when President Obama visits Asia next month.

Robb Confirms TPP Countries To Hold More Meetings In Australia After Ministerial

SYDNEY -- Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries will hold additional negotiating sessions here after the conclusion of a three-day ministerial meeting on Oct. 27 in order to try to make as much progress as possible, according to Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb.

Key Document: Transcript Of Opening Remarks By Froman, Robb At TPP Ministerial


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EU Member States Plead With New Commission Not To 'Jettison' ISDS

Half of the trade ministers for European Union member states have warned the incoming European Commission of Jean-Claude Juncker not to "jettison" from trade negotiations with the United States issues like investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) that have become lightning rods for public criticism in the EU.

Terminated Russian Steel Deal Likely To Curb Hot-Rolled Imports For Years

The Commerce Department's decision this week to impose significant antidumping (AD) duties on Russian hot-rolled steel exports within two months by terminating a 15-year old suspension agreement could substantially curtail Russian sales to the U.S. market for at least two years because of the resulting price increases, according to private-sector sources.

General Council Fails To Break TFA Deadlock That Paralyzes WTO Agenda

Faced with a seemingly pervasive negotiating deadlock, World Trade Organization Director-General Roberto Azevedo told the General Council this week he would start another round of consultations aimed at breaking the impasse on the implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), and the paralysis of the larger WTO negotiating agenda.

Bogota Seeks To Move U.S.-Colombia Labor Discussions Past 'Action Plan'

Colombia's new labor minister this week declared that his country has fulfilled its obligations under a labor action plan (LAP) that was politically linked to passage of the U.S.-Colombia free trade deal, even as labor groups and the U.S. government have continued to criticize Bogota's implementation of certain aspects of the plan.

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  • WTO Compliance Panel Finds New COOL Measure Worse Than Original

    The World Trade Organization this week dealt a blow to the United States country-of-origin labeling (COOL) program for meat with a finding that U.S. efforts to remedy problems identified in an earlier WTO decision fell far short of achieving that goal and actually worsened COOL's impact on Mexican and Canadian livestock producers.

  • WTO Report Says Updated Trade Rules Could Help Development Goals

    The 2014 World Trade Report released this week says trade and World Trade Organization rules have contributed to the economic development of poor countries over the past two decades, but emphasizes that there is a need to update and create new trade rules to ensure that trade works effectively for development now.

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  • Brazilian Election Could Lead To Sharp Change Of Tack On Trade Policy

    This weekend's neck-and-neck Brazilian presidential election appears set to determine whether trade policy remains a back-burner issue in Brasilia for the next four years or jumps to the foreground under a new administration that would view trade liberalization as a critical tool to lift Brazil out of the middle-income trap, according to Brazil observers.

  • Trade Committees Likely To Remain Largely Unchanged After Elections

    The upcoming Nov. 4 midterm elections are unlikely to bring drastic changes to the membership of the two congressional trade committees -- the House Ways & Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee -- due to the small number of members retiring, as well as the fact that many incumbents are slated to win their contests.

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  • Australian Parliament Critics Of TPP Step Up Action As Round Kicks Off

    CANBERRA -- As a new round of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations kicked off here, Australian opposition lawmakers critical of the deal announced plans to ramp up their efforts to build resistance to TPP and press the government to change its course on key issues like investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) and transparency.

  • EU Proposes Greater Chemicals Cooperation Without Binding Commitments

    A European Union proposal for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) leaked earlier this month lays out in new detail how the EU envisions its chemicals regulators working more closely with their counterparts in the United States without interrupting either side's procedures or forcing changes in their regulatory decisions.

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Mexican Sugar Industry Asks Commerce To Delay Final AD Determination

Mexican sugar refiners have asked the Commerce Department to delay by roughly four and half months a final determination on whether Mexican sugar is being . . .


Ukraine Announces End To Tariff Renegotiation Effort AT WTO General Council Meeting

The government of Ukraine has formally announced to members of the World Trade Organization that it has dropped its renegotiation efforts that would have raised . . .


Treasury Report Sees Beijing More Willing To Allow RMB Appreciation

The Treasury Department on Wednesday (Oct. 15) pointed to data showing that China's currency is still 5 to 10 percent undervalued, but said there are . . .

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Froman, Amari Meeting Not Yet Fixed Ahead Of Day One Of TPP Ministerial

SYDNEY -- A three-day Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) ministerial is set to kick off here on Saturday (Oct. 25) with a series of bilateral and plenary meetings, but the United States and Japan have not yet scheduled a bilateral session between their ministers, Japanese TPP minister Akira Amari told reporters.


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