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“It is critical that all major steel-producing nations participate in efforts to eliminate trade-distorting policies that are contributing to the current steel crisis.”

Tue, 5:01 PM

New for this year: manufacturing technology, industrial automation, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, construction equipment and financial technology.

Tue, 4:08 PM

NAM, Chamber say intellectual property policy “falls far short of industry expectations”; letter does not urge private-sector role in TPF and S&CD.

Tue, 2:28 PM

Our most-accessed news reports from the past few days.

Tue, 12:36 PM

“Where can WTO dispute settlement be effective for emerging issues? What are the limits beyond which it loses its legitimacy?”

Tue, 11:25 AM

The European Commission will hold a detailed stocktaking with member state trade ministers in September to determine if enough progress has been made in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations to proceed to a final deal with the Obama administration, according to informed sources.

The United States received universal criticism at a May 23 meeting of the World Trade Organization's Dispute Settlement Body for blocking the reappointment of Korea's Seung Wha Chang to the Appellate Body, but WTO members generally agreed that the scope of the Appellate Body's authority should be a topic of discussion, Geneva sources said.

The fight over the period of market exclusivity for biologics under the Trans-Pacific Partnership has become a point of controversy in Australia's federal election slated for July, with the opposition Labor Party charging that the current government seeking reelection will concede to further changes to the marketing exclusivity period for biologics with the effect of driving up drug prices.

An IBM executive on Friday (May 20) acknowledged that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement may not come up for a vote during a lame-duck session of Congress, saying this underscores the need for continued pressure from the business community to build support for a vote under the next administration.

President Obama is slated to discuss the Trans-Pacific Partnership with Vietnamese government officials and the public during his trip to Vietnam next week, while also using a subsequent G7 meeting in Japan to discuss remedies to the global overcapacity in steel and aluminum, senior administration officials said today (May 19).

House Ways & Means Ranking Member Sander Levin (D-MI) is reiterating his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership after a May 18 International Trade Commission analysis found the deal would damage the U.S. auto and auto parts industry.

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