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From today’s issue of Inside U.S. Trade.

Fri, 3:46 PM

If you’re keeping tabs on the progress of TTIP negotiations and want to burrow down a level or two in detail , take a look at the “state of play” status report issued earlier this week by the European Commission.

Fri, 11:32 AM

The New York Times, in the upcoming Sunday magazine, runs a lengthy piece about President Obama's reflections on his economic legacy, in which he explains his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership as an effort to assert some control over “irreversible” global trends.

Fri, 10:48 AM

“A choice between leading the world ... or standing back and allowing others – most likely China – to write the rules of the road for Asia.”

Thu, 4:15 PM

In Trade's weekly look at who's saying what on key policy issues.

Thu, 2:56 PM

United States and European Union negotiators this week slightly increased the number of tariffs that would go to zero immediately when a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership went into effect, but clashed over whether tariffs for very sensitive items would ultimately be eliminated in such a deal.

The Treasury Department in its semi-annual foreign exchange report for the first time employed new currency manipulation monitoring tools and placed five countries -- China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Germany -- on a “monitoring list,” but determined none of the countries triggered requirements for “enhanced analysis” included in the 2015 Customs Bill.

The Senate on April 28 by voice vote confirmed Roberta Jacobson to be the next U.S. ambassador to Mexico after her nomination had been stalled for nine months.

The 13th round of negotiations for a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) has produced signs of new flexibility as the European Union signaled it is willing to scale back the number of food products that it wants to protect as geographical indications, and to scale back services exceptions that would allow it to impose discriminatory measures in the future, according to informed sources.

A section 337 petition filed this week by the U.S. Steel Corporation that seeks to ban all imports of Chinese steel due to illegal, unfair competition could run into two key hurdles in terms of domestic law and World Trade Organization rules that limit import restrictions, according to private-sector sources.

Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN) this week said he was "cautiously optimistic" that opponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership could prevent the deal from coming up in a lame-duck session of Congress because of widespread public opposition.

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  • The United States and Mexico clashed last week over the next steps in the longstanding fight over U.S. dolphin-safe tuna labeling requirements, taking diametrically opposed positions on whether the dispute should focus on calculating the amount of trade retaliation to which Mexico is entitled or on determining whether a policy change the U.S. made in March brings it into compliance with trade...

  • The long-awaited World Trade Organization compliance panel report on European Union subsidies to Airbus has been circulated to the United States and EU and will be made available to members in September, according to Geneva sources, moving forward a dispute that has long devoured the time, energy and resources of the Dispute Settlement Body's secretariat.

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  • The Senate leadership failed on April 28 to secure unanimous consent to approve House-passed legislation to reform the miscellaneous tariff bill (MTB) process, apparently due to what sources said was an objection by a Republican senator.

  • China and India have made progress on improving their protection of intellectual property rights over the past year, but will remain on the priority watch list set up under the Special 301 process because longstanding and new problems require increased U.S. attention, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative announced on April 27.

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