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E-mail Alerts and Mobile Devices

Get the most out of World Trade Online

We've pulled together some tips to ensure you get the most out of your subscription to World Trade Online.

Manage your e-mail news alerts

World Trade Online offers several e-mailed news alerts, including the Morning Headlines and notices about breaking news. Go here to sign up for alerts or to change which alerts you receive (you'll be asked for your e-mail address to get started).

Authorize your mobile device

Want to read World Trade Online articles on your phone or tablet, but having trouble logging in? You can "authorize" your mobile device to bypass the login procedure. The only requirement is that you are signed up for at least one of the email alerts described above.

Authorize your device here (instructions will appear after you enter your email address).

Not a subscriber? You can request 30 days free access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes reporting on trade policy in the Biden era.