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The United States is interested in integrating into bilateral trade agreements some standards negotiated in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to Chile’s ambassador to the United States.


“Under the plan, America's no-cost sugar policy would be rolled back in exchange for the elimination of foreign subsidy programs.”

Fri, 9:56 AM

“It is unclear why products from an unrelated industry have been selected for punitive duties.”

Thu, 5:53 PM

Steel, chemical and textile products have been hit by the U.S. in an “arbitrary” manner, according to a government official.

Thu, 4:48 PM

The brief report examines the concept of excluding re-exports from U.S. export data “while continuing to count them as imports.”

Thu, 1:09 PM

Our weekly look at who's saying what.

Thu, 7:15 AM

Sonny Perdue, President Trump's pick to lead the Agriculture Department, said during his March 23 confirmation hearing that working with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative and the Commerce Department to expand agricultural trade will be his top priority.

Trade analysts from law firms and academia at a March 23 event predicted an increased use of antidumping and countervailing duty mechanisms as a key part of the Trump administration's trade policy, while urging the U.S. not to turn its back on the World Trade Organization.

Key members of the Senate Finance Committee this week said the process for consulting with the administration on negotiating objectives for NAFTA – and for notifying Congress by triggering a 90-day clock before official talks start – likely will not move forward without a confirmed U.S. Trade Representative in office.

An investor-state dispute settlement panel this week did not rule on whether a violation of the North American Free Trade Agreement's intellectual property chapter constitutes a compensable expropriation because the complainant, Eli Lilly, was unable to prove that Canada expropriated the company's IP.

Labor secretary nominee Alexander Acosta faced questions at his Wednesday confirmation hearing about whether the Trump administration's proposed cuts to the Labor Department's budget would affect the Trade Adjustment Assistance program -- something the nominee said “sounds like it is incredibly successful.”

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, acting U.S. Trade Representative Stephen Vaughn and other USTR officials met with a key House trade advisory group Tuesday to discuss negotiating objectives for NAFTA talks, but most members left the meeting still unsure when the administration intends to kick off negotiations with Canada and Mexico, and whether the future deal will be trilateral.

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  • President Trump's U.S. Trade Representative nominee, Robert Lighthizer, believes a renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement would build on commitments made by Canada and Mexico in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and could go beyond them in some key areas, he told the Senate Finance Committee in questions for the record following his confirmation hearing last week.

  • U.S. Trade Representative nominee Robert Lighthizer, in written responses to questions posed by senators, did not rule out the possibility of resuming negotiations for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, but noted that the European Union would not be in a position to do so until the end of the year because of federal elections in France and Germany.