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By Isabelle Hoagland

Tom Donohue, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, told reporters on Wednesday that a trade deal with Mexico alone -- leaving Canada out -- should not be considered a deal at all.


“An opportunity to engage with experts on what new tariffs on automobiles and automotive parts could mean for families, job creators and U.S. economic growth.”

Wed, 5:56 PM

“Time is short on this. You can start negotiating now. We can't sign anything, obviously, but get drafting and start working on it.”

Wed, 4:18 PM

“High tariffs, subsidies that create an uneven playing field for agricultural goods, and burdensome red tape and legal restrictions make trade harder for developing countries.”

Wed, 3:14 PM

The current approach is “really time-consuming and really putting people’s patience to the test,” said Jiang Xiaojuan.

Wed, 2:46 PM

“'Don't delay' would be my message.”

Wed, 10:19 AM
By Hannah Monicken

Eleven right-leaning and libertarian think tanks from the U.S. and the United Kingdom on Tuesday released their vision of an “ideal” free trade agreement between the two countries, which includes advanced regulatory recognition, freely flowing labor and a rule-of-origin content threshold of 25 percent.

By Brett Fortnam

The European Union on Tuesday proposed wide-ranging reforms to the World Trade Organization that would address a range of areas the U.S. has singled out for criticism, including the operation of the Appellate Body, members’ transparency obligations and China’s forced technology transfer policies.

By Anshu Siripurapu

The toughest issue facing U.S. businesses in China is the escalating trade brawl between the U.S. and Beijing, according to a new survey from the U.S.-China Business Council.

By Isabelle Hoagland

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative will exclude a variety of solar panel products, including all modules that contain crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells wholly produced in the U.S., from Section 201 measures imposed by President Trump earlier this year.

By Hannah Monicken

While the Trump administration maintains that new Section 301 tariffs on Chinese goods will have a “negligible” impact on the economy, legislators and industry groups are sounding the alarm, saying the tariffs will foist higher prices on consumers and hit producers hard.

  • The debate over Canadian dairy market access in the NAFTA negotiations is the “issue that’s probably the most difficult that I’ve ever seen,” the chief agricultural negotiator for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative said on Wednesday during a broad defense of the Trump administration’s trade policies.

  • Democrats on the House Ways & Means Committee say U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer’s Aug. 31 notification to Congress of a new deal with Mexico goes against the spirit of the 2015 Trade Promotion Authority law – and they have “several questions” they need answered.


World Trade Organization
  • The World Trade Organization's Safeguards Committee this week failed to resolve how to rebalance tariffs imposed by Turkey to counter safeguard measures levied by Thailand on imports of hot-rolled Turkish steel -- a case that has major implications for similar challenges the U.S. faces over safeguard restrictions it imposed earlier this year.

  • World Trade Organization Director General Roberto Azevêdo on Tuesday called for a political solution to the “crisis in global trade” stemming from the recent trade escalations and holds on judges for the Appellate Body.