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President Trump will hold a “frank discussion” with South Korea's newly elected President Moon Jae-in about the U.S.-Korea free trade agreement and its “trade imbalance,” including on steel and the barriers U.S. auto sales face in South Korea, a senior White House official told reporters on Wednesday.


The U.S. argued in its initial request for consultations that China’s TRQ management is “opaque and unpredictable” and breaches Beijing’s commitments in its WTO Accession Protocol.

Wed, 3:47 PM

Food & Water Watch says allowing the imports is “yet another example of the USDA prioritizing trade over public health.”

Wed, 2:44 PM

USTR and Commerce are seeking input on the performance of individual free trade agreements and bilateral investment treaties.

Wed, 2:28 PM

“He is a very experienced, well-known and well-regarded trade lawyer, respected around the world and by the trade community in the US."

Tue, 3:12 PM

The report is timely because today, June 27, marks the first day of USTR hearings on NAFTA and agriculture dominates the more than 11 hours of scheduled testimony.

Tue, 12:27 PM

Unions and groups that support upgrading and defending the rights of migrant workers panned the current labor agreement between the three NAFTA countries while laying out their vision of what a labor chapter should look like in a revised NAFTA agreement, at a June 28 hearing on the renegotiation of the trade deal.

The auto industry is open to a proposal from the American Iron and Steel Institute that would add steel to the list of products traced through the North American auto supply chain to calculate regional value content for autos produced in the NAFTA region.

The National Football League is hoping the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement will be the impetus for Canada to reinstitute a policy that requires Canadian broadcasters retransmitting the Super Bowl to show Canadian-market advertisements.

The American Iron and Steel Institute wants an updated North American Free Trade Agreement to include provision that would require automakers to use North American steel in their production chains as part of the deal’s regional value content requirements for autos.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has been negotiating with the Canadian government to conclude a new softwood lumber agreement in an attempt to eliminate one of the bilateral roadblocks before the Trump administration sits down with Ottawa and Mexico City to discuss the modernization of NAFTA in mid-August, sources told Inside U.S. Trade.

Meat groups are debating whether the North American Free Trade Agreement should reinstitute a mandatory country-of-origin labeling law that would apply to beef and pork, with the fight playing out at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative’s June 27 hearing on the NAFTA renegotiation.

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  • Fear of retaliation against U.S. producers should not deter the Trump administration from defending America’s interests by using every “legitimate” tool available -- including Section 232 investigations into the national security impact of imports, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told the House Ways & Means Committee on Thursday.

  • Any actions that follow the Trump administration’s 232 national security investigations of steel and aluminum imports, as well as their impacts, must be “balanced,” U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told the Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday -- floating the possibility of an “exclusion process” for manufacturers in need of steel and aluminum products not made in the United States...

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