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Special report: MC13

MC13 close delayed again as members make final push in hopes of a deal

ABU DHABI – The World Trade Organization's 13th ministerial conference has been delayed here yet again as negotiators struggle for a breakthrough that would allow them to close with a deal on any of the major issues.


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USTR Katherine Tai and her counterpart in Taiwan, John Deng, met in Abu Dhabi on the sidelines of the WTO ministerial.

Fri, 10:15 AM

Senators voted 50-47 to override it but fell short of the required two-thirds' support.

Thu, 3:01 PM

“I haven't seen that happen here in this body, and until it does, it becomes very difficult for us to negotiate a trade agreement when the people we're negotiating with believe that there are 535 folks, yourself included, that could renegotiate the deal.”

Thu, 12:30 PM

Our weekly survey of who’s saying what.

Thu, 11:43 AM

“If reaching wide-ranging free trade agreements (FTAs) is not possible, an alternative could be narrower, issue-specific agreements centered on strategic sectors such as semiconductor manufacturing, personal protective equipment, pharmaceuticals, and services trade.”

Wed, 6:18 PM
By Oliver Ward

Without substantial and swift government intervention, U.S. sugar importers could be forced to turn to high-tariff imports to make up for lower production in Mexico, where drought and mismanagement are weighing on harvests, according to analysts and the Agriculture Department.

By Dan Dupont

Senate Finance Committee members Mark Warner (D-VA) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) this week introduced a bill they say would again make the U.S. a leader in setting international standards for emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.

By Oliver Ward

The Commerce Department is seeking public comment on how to reduce the national security risks posed by foreign adversaries, including China, in smart vehicle supply chains, according to an advanced notice of public rulemaking issued on Thursday.

By Dan Dupont

The Commerce Department should implement an export-control regime in the biotechnology sector akin to its approach to the semiconductor industry, the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee argued this week, citing China’s push to use biotech to “advance its military capabilities and ambitions, undermine U.S. security, and continue its egregious violations of human rights.”

By Oliver Ward

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley (MO) on Wednesday introduced a bill to raise tariffs on autos from China and apply them to vehicles made by China-headquartered companies that are imported from other countries, including Mexico, amid U.S. industry fears of a coming flood of electric vehicle imports.

By Oliver Ward

President Biden on Wednesday will issue an executive order crafted to restrict the bulk sale of Americans’ personal data to countries of concern and introduce safeguards to limit those countries’ access to other types of sensitive data.