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“A vote against USMCA is a vote for the status quo. So, in a way, you’re voting for NAFTA if you vote against USMCA.”

Tue, 5:07 PM

The U.S. will receive 35,000 tons out of the 45,000-ton quota for hormone-free beef, phased in over seven years.

Tue, 4:31 PM

The bill would allow Congress to block Commerce from granting export licenses to companies selling to Huawei.

Tue, 12:26 PM

“I’m concerned that you are once again not being honest with American farmers,” Baldwin said in a letter to Trump.

Tue, 10:06 AM

The Working Group also discussed financial services; sustainability/labor, environment; trade remedies; industrial subsidies; intellectual property; anti-corruption and small and medium-sized enterprises,” according to USTR.

Mon, 5:56 PM
By Isabelle Hoagland

Securing commitments from China and determining logistics for in-person negotiations will likely dominate this week’s principal-level phone call between Washington and Beijing, according to sources familiar with the talks.

By Isabelle Hoagland

Japanese and U.S. officials met for another round of trade talks in Washington, DC last week focusing on tariff cuts in agricultural and industrial goods, with some sources suggesting the U.S. is keen on striking an early deal that does not require Capitol Hill’s approval.

By Hannah Monicken

President Trump on Monday signed another “Buy American” executive order proposing new rules that would raise the domestic content requirement for federal contracts from 50 to 55 percent for non-iron and steel products and to 95 percent for steel and iron products.

By Hannah Monicken

India and eight other World Trade Organization developing members last week said development must remain at the “core” of the institution and any future reforms, frequently countering U.S. proposals and priorities.

By Brett Fortnam

President Trump on Friday said he disagreed with the Commerce Department’s conclusion that uranium imports threaten U.S. national security, and created a working group to study the nuclear fuel supply chain instead of imposing trade restrictions.

By Hannah Monicken

A U.S. paper on the importance of cross-border data flows in the digital economy prompted World Trade Organization members to debate the benefits and disadvantages of a liberalized digital economy and the need to balance public policy objectives with e-commerce ambitions, a WTO official said this week.



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