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By Brett Fortnam

The U.S. ambassador to the World Trade Organization this week warned WTO members against letting discussions about reforming the multilateral trading system get in the way of meaningful changes.


AMLO conducted a Twitter poll on Oct. 9 that offered two options for the Spanish name as well as a none-of-the-above option. T-MEC won with 45 percent.

Wed, 8:48 PM

“The size and continued expansion of China’s market creates enormous growth potential for LAC exporters (particularly in agriculture) that the U.S. market cannot match.”

Wed, 4:14 PM

The U.S.-Cuba Trade and Economic Council calls the drop “counterintuitive.”

Wed, 1:13 PM

The challenger: “We've alienated the European Union. We've alienated Canada and Mexico. We've alienated all other potential partners, and we're going it alone against China, and it is not working. Just listen to the farmers.”

Wed, 11:23 AM

“This is a dynamic issue. The longer these tariffs stay on, the more the potential for changes.”

Wed, 7:42 AM
By Anshu Siripurapu

The Treasury Department on Wednesday again decided that China does not meet its definition of a currency manipulator, though its latest report to Congress on the currency practices of major U.S. trading partners says Beijing is of “particular concern” and will remain on a monitoring list along with Japan, South Korea, Germany, India and Switzerland.

By Hannah Monicken

British Ambassador to the U.S. Kim Darroch is “reasonably confident” a UK withdrawal deal will be reached with the European Union, he said on Wednesday, reiterating that the country considers a free trade agreement with the U.S. its “most important” post-Brexit priority.

By Isabelle Hoagland

As the U.S. continues to face global and domestic pushback on Section 232 steel and aluminum tariffs, as well as a probe of auto imports, the Commerce Department is continuing an under-the-radar uranium investigation that has sparked a raft of reactions.

By Brett Fortnam

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has formally notified Congress of the administration's intent to negotiate trade agreements with the European Union, United Kingdom and Japan.

By Isabelle Hoagland

Washington and Seoul will hold consultations under the auspices of the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement to discuss revising the rules of origin for textile products that are not commercially available in either country.



World Trade Organization
  • The U.S. Ambassador to the World Trade Organization on Friday called out a group of what he called “middle-roader” countries for not committing to U.S. reform priorities for the WTO, saying “they really need to pick a lane.”

  • The U.S. and more than a dozen other World Trade Organization countries have criticized United Kingdom and European Union plans for post-Brexit market access and government procurement, citing questions about the accuracy of the data and whether the proposals rise to the level of commitment wanted by other members.