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The United States and China announced Thursday that a final phytosanitary protocol -- over a decade in the making -- has been signed, allowing the U.S. to export rice to China provided certain requirements are met.


C.J. Mahoney in line for “investment, services, labor, environment, Africa, China and the Western Hemisphere” portfolio.

Thu, 7:09 PM

“Extensive consensus was reached. The two sides also agreed to cooperate constructively on narrowing trade deficits.”

Thu, 4:36 PM

Remaining in NAFTA but increasing tariffs or rules of origin would drive up costs per vehicle “substantially,” it says.

Thu, 3:33 PM

Our weekly look at who's saying what.

Thu, 2:13 PM

“I'm not sure there is a lot of enthusiasm in Congress for having a vote on NAFTA in the near future.”

Thu, 11:42 AM

Ted McKinney, the director of the Indiana Agriculture Department, served under then-Gov. Mike Pence.

Wed, 8:00 PM

Mexico's ambassador to the U.S. said on Thursday that parties to the North American Free Trade Agreement will soon publish a schedule for the renegotiations as they strive to conclude them by the end of the year, but his Canadian counterpart believes the lengthy list of U.S. objectives released this week could make that difficult.

Canada has followed up on its year-old initiative to streamline dispute settlement at the World Trade Organization via the voluntary adoption of best practices by introducing four new proposals. Geneva sources say those proposals, and backing from other members, could signal confidence and a desire to improve the dispute settlement body while delays and other issues persist.

Europeans remain unsure whether the U.S. will maintain the level of protection for the data of EU citizens stipulated under the Privacy Shield agreement because the Trump administration has not reaffirmed rules put into place by the Obama administration -- and has yet to install the political appointees who would guide the issue, the European Parliament's lead member on data protection said this week.

Following meetings between U.S. and Colombian officials in Washington, DC, this week, U.S. lawmakers said they believe Colombia has considerable work left to do to get its labor standards in check in an ongoing dispute under the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement.

The U.S. and China appear to have fallen short of the Trump administration’s ambitions for the first Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross issuing a post-meeting statement that does not mention any new deliverables.

In opening remarks today for the inaugural U.S.-China Comprehensive Economic Dialogue, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called for Beijing to reduce state intervention in a slew of sectors as a way to rebalance the bilateral trade relationship.

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