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HANOI -- U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, at his first public appearance here during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation trade ministers meeting, said the U.S. defending its own market against unfair trade practices should not be confused with protectionism -- the definition of which, he claims, “is sort of migrating.”


Public comments will be due by June 12; the hearing will be held on June 27.

Mon, 10:35 AM

Richard Ashooh was director of strategy for BAE Systems from 2010 to 2015.

Sat, 1:02 PM

“While past agreements have not always accounted for the consequential effects of trade on small businesses and the American workforce, future agreements will.”

Fri, 5:33 PM

“The view of many countries is we shouldn't start unstitching that agreement.”

Fri, 3:13 PM

“Now that the U.S. has withdrawn, the opportunity to remove these harmful and unnecessary rules should not be missed.”

Fri, 1:31 PM

HANOI -- Trade officials from the Trans-Pacific Partnership signatories on Sunday reiterated their commitment to finding a way for the deal to enter into force without the U.S., announcing here on Sunday they have tasked senior officials to assess a path forward ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders meeting in November.

Business and industry groups -- urging the administration to “do no harm” in its attempts to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement -- are also laying out initial wish lists for what an updated agreement should contain in response to the administration's notice of its intent to retool the deal this week.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has asked the International Trade Commission to assess how providing duty-free treatment to certain products imported from Canada and Mexico might affect the U.S. economy and key industries.

Footwear trade associations are divided over whether to loosen the North American Free Trade Agreement's rule of origin for footwear, with domestic producers wanting to keep the current rule and distributors and retailers angling to relax it to allow more foreign inputs in production.

Government officials on Thursday heard a range of voices during a hearing called to inform a Commerce Department-led review of bilateral trade deficits, with the services sector and economists blasting the study as too narrow in scope while industry groups argued that deficits are threats that should be urgently addressed.

House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) said Thursday that a border adjustable tax remains a central component of his tax reform plans, even as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin cast fresh doubts on the viability of the “BAT” proposal.

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  • The World Trade Organization Appellate Body last week determined that the Commerce Department's use of “adverse facts available” in antidumping investigations is open to a sweeping “as such” challenge, a decision that analysts say could have major implications.

  • The Chinese government has essentially boycotted the Commerce Department's review of Beijing's non-market economy status, stating in comments that it will not respond to the department's inquiry because it believes the U.S. statute governing the determination of China's market economy status is overridden by U.S. obligations at the World Trade Organization.

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