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Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) is “seriously considering” supporting President Trump’s new nominee to lead the Export-Import Bank but will maintain his hold on three bank board nominees, preventing the board from operating with a quorum, he said on Thursday.


“If countermeasures were to be imposed by your allies in the context of the auto sector, the number of U.S. jobs lost would rise from 195,000 to 624,000 high-paying manufacturing jobs. These jobs could be lost to the U.S. forever.”

Thu, 9:40 PM

At issue is the amount of trade sanctions the U.S. can apply after a 2011 Appellate Body upheld a 2010 panel decision finding that the EU unfairly subsidized Airbus.

Thu, 1:44 PM

Our weekly look at who's saying what.

Thu, 10:09 AM

“Every senator I know is having people come to their office and talk. Pressure is building.”

Wed, 4:36 PM

If the Trump administration hits Seoul with tariffs as a result of its Section 232 autos investigation, the amended U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement “becomes meaningless,” Korea’s minister of trade, industry and energy said on Thursday.

During the first half of a daylong Section 232 hearing on the national security implications of auto and auto parts imports, U.S. government officials focused their questions to representatives of the U.S. auto industry on rising imports of technology related to electric vehicles as well as increasing import penetration of foreign autos and parts.

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee this week addressed the U.S. reliance on foreign sources for critical minerals, with some members expressing concern that Trump administration tariffs could reduce access to key inputs for technology products.

A group representing fruit growers in the Pacific Northwest is calling on the Trump administration to insist that countries whose products receive exclusions from Section 232 tariffs reduce their retaliatory duties by an equivalent amount.

Mexican Economy Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo will travel to Washington, DC on July 26 to meet with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Mexican sources confirmed to Inside U.S. Trade.

The Commerce Department on Wednesday initiated a Section 232 investigation into the national security implications of uranium imports, a probe requested in January by two U.S. uranium mining companies.



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