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“Resorting to dispute settlement mechanism is a normal, civilized way to seek enforcement of legally binding commitments.”

Fri, 3:40 PM

The top stories from this week’s issue.

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Our weekly look at who’s saying what.

Thu, 1:26 PM

Smith Ramos: “The best thing that can happen to Mexico, and to the world, is that there is a regime change in the U.S.”

Thu, 1:15 PM

“Continued U.S. membership and active participation will help ensure that necessary reforms are undertaken, and that the WTO will continue to play an important and effective role in economic development.”

Thu, 12:31 PM
By Maria Curi

Reshoring production is not the be-all and end-all solution to the creation of more resilient supply chains of critical goods, medical industry representatives said this week during a hearing held by the U.S. International Trade Commission to inform a congressionally mandated report.

By Brett Fortnam

International digital service tax talks, which U.S. stakeholders hope will obviate foreign digital taxes and other countries see as an avenue to avoid U.S. tariffs, are set to miss an end-of-year deadline because negotiators are unlikely to solve key political divides ahead of the U.S. elections, according to industry sources.

By Hannah Monicken

Major U.S. and United Kingdom business and financial groups on Friday relaunched a trans-Atlantic alliance and released new proposals for closer financial regulatory cooperation between the U.S. and UK.

Insider Interview
By Isabelle Icso

The Trump administration should swiftly “seize the opportunity” to conclude a limited deal with New Delhi, a former U.S. negotiator in charge of the India portfolio said this week, contending the U.S. should do so before India gets “cold feet.”

By Hannah Monicken

The European Commission’s proposal to implement the recently announced tariff agreement with the U.S. allows the bloc to reinstate the duties on lobster if the U.S. imposes new measures on the European Union that “undermine” the relationship -- an effort to ensure the bloc is “not naive,” a Commission trade official said on Thursday.

By Isabelle Icso

The renewal of two key trade programs could be in jeopardy due to unrelated political considerations such as a bruising Supreme Court nomination fight and “how raw feelings are” in the aftermath of the election, according to House Ways & Means trade subcommittee Chairman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR).



World Trade Organization
  • World Trade Organization members this week criticized the U.S. for its ongoing payments to farmers through its trade- and pandemic-related aid programs, pressing the Trump administration to account for agricultural support they say likely exceeds the U.S. domestic support limit.

  • G20 trade and investment ministers this week committed to continue doing “whatever it takes” to curb the economic damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a joint communiqué issued after their third summit of the year.