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Several are seen as too low to block imports to the U.S.

Thu, 1:10 PM

In Trade's weekly look at who's saying what on key issues.

Thu, 11:39 AM

“She recognizes the need to address unfair, existing trade agreements that weaken American manufacturing jobs.”

Thu, 9:31 AM

A review of our latest additions.

Wed, 5:00 PM

The Senate today (May 25) passed by a 55-43 vote a resolution that would remove catfish from the strict oversight of USDA's Food Safety Inspection Service.

Wed, 2:12 PM

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday (May 25) strongly signaled that it is not expecting a vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership this year when it urged the next president of the United States to pursue pro-trade policies starting with the approval of the TPP and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership in a publicly released open letter.

The National Council of Textile Organizations will not waver in its support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership despite the U.S. International Trade Commission predicting the industry will see a small decline in output and employment, and textile imports will increase by less than two percent by 2032 as a result of the deal, according to an NCTO spokesperson.

The USA Rice Federation will push the Obama administration to make changes under the Trans-Pacific Partnership to improve market access in Japan and preserve the U.S. rice industry's current market in Mexico, moves the group says are needed before it can support the deal.

A Senate vote on May 25 was a first step toward removing catfish from the strict oversight of USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service, which this month found two shipments from Vietnam were contaminated with chemicals banned in the U.S., adding fuel to the fight between U.S. catfish importers and food safety advocates who are raising this as an issue in the debate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Updated: The Obama administration has briefed financial services firms and congressional committees on how it plans to address their complaints about the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement's failure to cover the sector in a ban on local data storage requirements, according to informed sources.

The U.S. lumber coalition in a document circulated last week on Capitol Hill claims that Canada has so far resisted engaging in substantive negotiations on a new softwood lumber agreement, and warns that a failure to reach a deal by the end of the current “litigation standstill” in October would result in the U.S. industry filing trade remedy cases against Canadian exporters.

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