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President Obama's pivot to Asia will take center stage this week with his trip to Hangzhou, China for the G20 Leaders Summit and Secretary of State John Kerry and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker's trip to New Delhi for the Strategic and Commercial Dialogue with India.


Found that Chinese companies dumped truck and bus tires into the U.S. market at less than fair value.

Mon, 5:14 PM

Customs' AD/CVD rules, CRS on CFIUS, and more.

Mon, 3:14 PM

“History has taught us that the kind of protectionist policies now advocated by some are counterproductive, and lead to retaliatory measures that can escalate into trade wars.”

Mon, 1:08 PM

“We mustn't submit to the American proposals,” said Sigmar Gabriel.

Mon, 9:13 AM

“I think there are areas that hurt free trade in that agreement and a lot of other ancillary issues under President Obama have crept into what should have been a trade agreement.”

Mon, 8:14 AM

Lawyers for Chinese companies say U.S. Steel Corp.'s claim that Chinese companies colluded to artificially reduce the cost of steel exports goes against the conventional use of antitrust laws -- that artificially high prices hurt consumers -- and should be thrown out for failing to assert an actual injury, according to a motion filed with the International Trade Commission on Aug. 26.

September promises to pick up the pace on trade and economic issues with the return of Congress on Sept. 6 domestically, and internationally with the G20 leaders' summit chaired by China on Sept. 4-5 in Hangzhou and the European Union deliberations on its future in the wake of the United Kingdom's Brexit vote.

Insurance groups, entering the final stretch of this year's election season, will tout the benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the broader importance of trade policy during the ongoing National Association of Insurance Commissioners summer conference.

With roughly four weeks remaining in the legislative session before the November elections, congressional trade committee staff has not yet begun working with the Obama administration on an implementing bill for the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and is still focused on implementation issues.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Aug. 25 said the current Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement will not be taken up by the Senate this year, noting that the deal has serious flaws that can be fixed by the next administration.

The outcome of a high-profile section 337 case against China could hand U.S. companies a new tool to block imports of products that were built using U.S. trade secrets stolen through a cyberattack, according to attorneys and trade experts.

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  • The European Union is considering instituting a ban on imports of North American lobster after a Swedish risk assessment found that the lobsters could be an “invasive species,” but the U.S. and Canada are pushing back against the legitimacy of that assessment and the dispute has garnered attention on Capitol Hill.

  • An ambitious European Union second revised offer in the plurilateral Trade in Services Agreement could undermine the EU's negotiating position in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, according to a report prepared for the European Parliament.

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